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In 1926 this engine was sold to the Rumanian railroad company. Her active live ended in 1974. In 1998 the engine was bought by Manuel Jußen. He had the engine restaured between 2000 en 2002 in the original state. In Germany the engine worked for the Train of the History. It was first located at Dieringhausen, now it stays at the Bahnpark Augsburg.

Technical details


1919 Build for Königliche Eisenbahndirektion Posen P8 / 2455
1925 Take over by Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft 38.10-40 / 38 2460
1926 Sold to Căile Ferate Române 230 / 230 094
1974 Retired by Căile Ferate Române 230 / 230 094
1998 Sold to Private owner P8 Posen/ 2455

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