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The engine was delivered in 1929 to the LBE and put there with number 97 in service in Lübeck. On 01.01.1938 the LBE was nationalized and taken over by the Deutsche Reichsbahn. The locomotive was given the number 56 3007, but remained initially stationed in Lübeck. In January 1942, she was ordered to be used in the occupied territories and was granted a protection against the cold grown on the valves. In parallel, the piston feed pump was expanded with the heater and replaced by a second steam jet pump, which is protected in the cab. Thus equipped, she was assigned to the Bw Zdolbunow. When the war locomotives of Class 52 were increasingly available, it was as of December 1943 based in Rostock. After a number of different depots the 56 3007 was sold by the German Federal Railroad in the Eschweiler mine association. It started service in the coal mine Carl-Alexander in Baesweiler with number 4. As this mine was closed in 1975, the museum railway museum acquired the engine and put it on display under her Reichsbahn number 56 3007. Up to this time the locomotive lay back a distance of 1.04 million km.

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1929 Build for Lübeck-Büchener Eisenbahn G8.2 / 97
1938 Take over by Deutsche Reichsbahn 5630 / 56 3007
1949 Take over by Deutsche Bundesbahn 5630 / 56 3007
1950 Sold to Eschweiler Bergwerksverein 5630 / CARL ALEXANDER 4
1975 Take over by Deutsche Museums-Eisenbahn GmbH / Bahnwelt Darmstadt-Kranichstein 5630 / 56 3007

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