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Typ: Dt-n2, length: 9960 mm, drive-wheels diameter: 1030 mm, cylinder diameter: 460 mm, piston motion: 540 mm, dead weight: 37 t, employed weight: 48 t, axial load: 12 t, max. speed: 40 km/h, power: cca. 300kW (400HP) Initially the saturated steam locomotive, designed for local, harbour and industrial lines, was assigned number 103 (later reaassigned to 102 and 72d) working on the private line between Liegnitz (present day Legnica) and Rawitsch (present day Rawicz). In 1932 it was sold and was probably in operation in Poland. Its further history till the WW2 is unclear. During the war it appeared in Slovenia. First it shunted at the coal mine in Trbovlje, later it came to the glassworks in Hrastnik where it acquired the current mark (SH = Steklarna Hrastnik, Hrastnik glass works). As it was the only locomotive of its kind in Slovenia, it was never included into JŽ rolling stock. In 1975 it was protected as a technical monument. It was restored in 1980 and again in 2001.

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