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The 41 105 was built in 1939 by Krupp in Essen. It was stationed variously in Wuppertal, Osnabrueck, Kirchweyhe and Rheine until 1976. Due to problems with the original boilers in this series, completly new welded boilers were fitted to 99 locomotives of the class 41, including 41 105. This was done by Henschel in Kassel in September 1958, including a retrofit for oil burning. During a heavy overhaul in October 1968 the boiler was exchanged for one taken from withdrawn locomotive 03 1051. In 1968 the locomotive was renumbered 042 105-7, and in November 1976 it was sold to the Dutch Power station PZEM which used it until the end of 1979 as a supplementary boiler to start up and heat Vlissingen Power Station. In 1980 the engine became surplus to requirements and the SSN was able to purchase 41 105 for a modest sum. At the beginning of May the locomotive was brought to Rotterdam and quickly brought back to working condition. A successful test run was made in August 1980 and the locomotive was then used for several years. Between 1985 and 1988 the SSN gave it a major overhaul after which it ran on a number of occasions including the NS 150 celebrations in 1989. In the summer of 1991, 41 105 was withdrawn again and is now awaiting a major boiler overhaul.

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1939 Build for Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft 41 / 41 105
1945 Take over by Deutsche Bundesbahn 41 / 41 105
1968 Rebuild by Deutsche Bundesbahn 41 / 042 105-7
1976 Sold to N.V. Provinciale Zeeuwse Energiemaatschappij 41 / 042 105-7
1980 Sold to Stoom Stichting Nederland 41 / 41 105


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