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Two narrow gauge lines (760 mm) were built by the Steiermärkische Landesbahnen (StmLB) in 1892: Poljčane - Konjice (Poltschach - Gonobitz), today in Slovenia, and Preding-Wieseldorf - Stainz, today in Austria. The Krauss Locomotive Factory in Linz manufactured for them four locos of the same kind: No1 - Meran, No 2 - Stainz, No 3 - Gonobitz and No 4 - Heiligengeist. No-s 3 and 4 came on the Konjice line. No 3, whose name had been translated to Slovenske Konjice after WW1, remained safe and sound because she was in 1930 overhauled by the Jesenice Iron Works instead of scrapped. She served then as O-IV on the inner transportation system of the Works. The No 2, Stainz, escaped demolition as well. In Austria she is kept in working order for nostalgic trains.

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