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From the MRSR-magazine: Soon after delivery of the locomotive to the Crossett Western Company of Wauna in 1929 much of the Crossett timeber lands were involved in the series of major forest fires known as the Tillamook Burn. The engine worked hauling out the salvaged timber from the burn. In 1942 the engine was soled to the Hammond Lumber Co. and renumbered as #17. In 1945 a large fire burned out a series of trestles while the enging was sitting in a woods logging camp. It was determined that the costs to rebuild the trestles was too great and #17 was left in the camp unused for years. In 1965 a local mill owner named Gus Peterson purchased the engine. He build a road into the old campsite, dismantled the engine, rebuild it again and had it operating on his tourist line in Klamath (Klamath & Hoppow Valley RR). In 1980 it was sold - along with two other locomotives to Tom Murray Jr. He sent it on to the shops of the Mount Rainier Scenic RR. In 1994 the restoration began and from 1995 the engine was at service.

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