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This locomotive was based in the depot Blomberg and used on the local railroad towards Schieder. After her active service at the KPEV, the engine was sold to the kali industry and worked as a shunter. This continued until 1973. The engine was sold again and got a fake number 89 7222. At the MBS the engine was used very occasionaly and put aside in 1979. Restauration is required, including a new boiler.

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1896 Build for Königliche Eisenbahndirektion Hannover T3 Hannover 1702/
1905 Renumbered by Königliche Eisenbahndirektion Hannover T3 Hannover 6103/
1920 Sold to Kaliwerk Empelde T3 /
1948 Sold to Kaliwerk Sigmundshall T3 1/ Aue
1973 Sold to Eisenbahn-Kurier 89.70-72 89 7220/
1975 Sold to Museum Buurt Spoorweg T3 3/

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