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Locomotive 1392 was built by Locomotives Works in Montreal Quebec. Locomotives of this class were originally used for passenger service and were among the first to operate into Edmonton on the Canadian Northern Railway. They were the workhorse locomotives that helped to open up the Prairies. Superseded by heavier and faster locomotives on mainline service, 1392 was one of a group of locomotives that continued performing mixed and way freight duties for the CNR until the general retirement of all steam locomotives in the late 1950s. As a branchline locomotive, 1392 was used in freight, mixed freight and passenger duties across the Canadian Northern and Canadian National Central and Western systems. In the later years, 1392 served on work trains and weed trains in Alberta. After being retired in 1955, it was put on static display at the Edmonton Exhibition grounds. It was donated to the museum in 1970 and is one of the few operating steam locomotives in Canada. Since being donated to the museum, it has had a busy life in performing in several movies.

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