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The Railway Museum of Asturias is the center in charge of conserving, researching and disseminating Asturias' historical railway heritage. Its purpose ranges from the consequences of the industrial revolution and technological development, to the social and economic evolution that led to the establishment of the railroad in the region. At the same time, the preservation of the material and immaterial testimonies and their presentation in the museum, allows an approximation to the historical period that defines the current and future Asturias. For this reason, the museum is not limited to offering a nostalgic and evocative vision of a lost past, but tries to show the keys for the understanding and understanding of upcoming processes. The museum is designed to provide visitors with an understanding of this history: technology and mechanics, railway economy, rail and local and regional development, rail as a means of transporting goods and travelers, as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and cultures and as a factor of change in social behavior and customs.


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