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Locomotive 3820 has significance as an example of a very important class of locomotive on the NSWGR, and the ultimate development of the express passenger steam locomotive. The 38 Class had the highest boiler pressure of any locomotive in Australia and the first in NSW to be equipped with roller bearings. The design represented an advancement of the one-piece cast-steel frame by incorporating the cylinders, main air reservoir, and even the bracket for mounting the air compressor. The class is significant as it illustrates the increase in locomotive power and the improvements in passenger services in the post-World War 2 period. Its external form and character shows contemporary American and English influences. Locomotive 3820 is representative of a high-technology mid 20th Century express passenger locomotive, in use up to the introduction of diesel-electric power.

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1947 Build for New South Wales Government Railways C38 / 3820
1970 Retired New South Wales Government Railways C38 / 3820
1970 Take over by New South Wales Rail Transport Museum C38 / 3820

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