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This museum is above all a great human adventure, just like the history of rail transport itself. In 1965, a Mulhouse textile industrialist and train enthusiast had the idea of opening a railway museum in Mulhouse. He contacted the municipality, the Mulhouse Industrial Society, the SNCF and the Ministry of Transport, who all joined the project. In 1969, he founded an associated called 'AMFCF – Association du Musée Français du Chemin de Fer' (French Railway Museum Association), whose mission is to present, develop and operate a French railway museum in Mulhouse, and pursue any legal activities relating thereto. In 1965, Michel Doerr, a railway expert and enthusiast and member of the French Association of Friends of the Railroad (AFAC), put together a catalogue published by this association entitled 'The trains of yesterday for a French railway museum.' It described the various rolling stock of French heritage which the SNCF has collected at the old steam locomotive depot in Chalon sur Saône.


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