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In 1969 a handful of students willing to preserve the then already abandoned but charming site of Fond-de-Gras decided to found an association for railway preservation and for the exploitation of the trains and carriages on a touristic basis. They wanted to preserve the last steam locomotives of the iron works from the South of Luxembourg . On July 10, 1970 the legislative assembly was held in Pétange. At the same time work on the site, the part of the railway line put tp the disposal of AMTF by the CFL (Luxemburgish railway company)from Fuussbësch to Fond-de-Gras and Bois-de-Rodange, started. In October 1971 the railcar Uerdingen ex-CFL Z 151 was the first vehicle to ride on the line. On April 21, 1973 the steam locomotive no 8 arrived from the steelmills ARBED, Differdange and the steam traction started. The locomotive no 8 was built in 1900 and AMTF decided to call the exploitation of its railway network TRAIN 1900. The opening to the public was on August 4,1973. Until 1986, AMTF was the only group on the site supported from time to time by the Ministry of Tourism and in the earlier years by the Syndicat d’Initiative of Pétange. AMTF acquired the railway network from Fuussbësch to Rodange in 1984. In 1985, AMTF joined a project called 'Industrial and Railway Heritage' promoted by the Ministry of Culture. The railway infrastructure extension projects i.e. the extension of the railway line to the CFL station in Pétange, the renovation of the station in Fond-de-Gras, the transfer of an old industrial shed to be used as storage for railway material, the transfer of mecanical signal equipment, etc. were realised in cooperation with and through the financial support of the Service des Sites et Monuments Nationaux. ProActif, an association employing jobless people or people having trouble finding new jobs, works hand in hand with the local authority of Pétange and under the guidance of AMTF on several major projects i.e. the improvement of the reception area at Fond-de-Gras station and the construction of a repair and restoration shop. Today AMTF has about 40 active members and about 150 honorary members and donators. The activities of AMTF are only possible thanks to the official organisms mentioned above, the donators and private helpers and to the profits generated by the visitors of TRAIN 1900. Local people during a celebration at the new workshop realised by Proactif.


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