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The 722 was used on Southern Railway until her retirement in 1952. December of that year, the 722 and sister locomotive, 630, were purchased by the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad and numbered 208 and 207 respectively. In December 1967, both locomotives were traded back to the Southern for use in their steam excursion program and reverted to their former identities. The locomotives headed main line excursion trains over the entire Southern system until the 1983 when both were retired again from the Southern in favor of larger power. They both were leased to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. 722 was subsequently loaned to the Asheville Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society of Asheville, NC. 630 was donated to TVRM in 1999 by NS. NS sold the 722 to the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, where it arrived in 2000. GSMR has plans to restore the locomotive, but it remains disassembled outside their Dillsboro, NC, shop area

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1904 Build for Southern Railway Ks-1 / 722
1952 Sold to East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad Co. Ks-1 / 208
1967 Take over by Southern Railway Ks-1 / 722
1968 Sold to Georgia Industrial Real Estate Co. Ks-1 /
1979 Leased by Wilmington & Western Railroad Ks-1 /
1983 Leased by Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Ks-1 /
2000 Sold to Great Smoky Mountains Railroad Ks-1 / 722


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