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In 1975 a privateer bought this locomotive and donated it to the SSN. It took until 1991 that a mayor overhaul was within financial reach. It has been restaured by the famous damflokwerk Meiningen in Germany, one of the last steam-engine works in eastern Germany. During this revision the engine was retrofitted to coal-firing instead of oil-firing. Since 1992 the engine is back at service, sometimes with an old fake computer-numer 011-075-9.

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1940 Build for Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft 110 / 01 1075
1949 Take over by Deutsche Bundesbahn 110 / 01 1075
1969 Renumbered by Deutsche Bundesbahn 110 / 012 075-8
1976 Sold to Stoom Stichting Nederland 110 / 01 1075


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