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Built for the United States Army Corps of Engineers as No 1960, and sent to the UK under Lend-Lease. Stored at Newbury Racecourse. One of fourteen purchased by the Southern Railway and sent to the Melbourne Military Railway for running in. Entered service with the Southern Railway in April 1947 as USA Class number 70. Renumbered 30070 by British Railways. Worked at Southampton Docks. Withdrawn, and entered Departmental service as DS238 at Ashford Wagon Works. Withdrawn in June 1967 and sold to Woodham Brothers, Barry, Wales in March 1968. Developed a hot box en route and dumped at Tonbridge. Sold to K&ESR in August 1968 and delivered the next month.

Technical details


1943 Build for U.S. Army Transportation Corps USATC S100 /
1943 On loan to War Department USATC S100 / WD 1960
1947 Sold to Southern Railway USA Class / 70
1948 Take over by British Railways USA Class / 30070
1963 Renumbered by British Railways USA Class Wainwright/ DS238
1968 Sold to Woodham Brothers (Barry Scrapyard) USA Class Wainwright/ DS238
1968 Sold to Kent & East Sussex Railway USA Class Wainwright/ 21

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