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In 1940 the engine was build with a streamlined design. After the second world war this was removed. In 1954 the boiler was replaced by a high-performance boiler. In 1957 oil-heating was added. The engine was at service from Rheine, at the south end of the famous Emslandstrecke. At may 31st 1975 this engine ran his last regular train. The UEF purchased the engine as replacement for one of their other passenger-engines. Till 1977 the engine was at service at several occasions. Between 1982 and 1984 a mayor overhaul was done. In december 1996 the locomotive was invloved in an accident and was damaged badly. The engine was restored again at Meiningen. Since that moment it is the pride of the UEF!

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1940 Build for Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft 110 / 01 1066
1949 Take over by Deutsche Bundesbahn 110 / 01 1066
1969 Renumbered by Deutsche Bundesbahn 110 / 012 066-?
1975 Sold to Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde e.V. 110 / 01 1066


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