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Locomotive 2606 was built by Henri Dubs and Company, Glasgow as works number 2795 in 1891. It entered service in mid 1892 having been allocated the road number 22. The class originally known as I(17) was ordered by the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the NSWGR, William Thow, to provide motive power (only as assistant engines) for heavy goods workings over the Blue Mountains, the design being a tank engine variant of the earlier B (55) class of 1891. They had a very limited life in mainline goods traffic on the western line due to problems with their limited water capacity, and being displaced by the first of the T class standard goods engines. They were then placed in secondary services, as banking engines on the Illawarra and also saw useful service when better motive power was needed for passenger workings particularly to destinations such as the National Park south of Sydney. At the renumbering in 1924 number 22 become 2606 of the Z26 class. Restricted in operation by the limitations of a small bunker and water capacity saw them displaced in these roles by the advent of more modern traction. A new use for the class arose as shunting engines in regional depots such as Lithgow and Bathurst, from where 2606 was withdrawn in August 1970. Set aside the locomotive was eventually transferred to the New South Wales Rail Transport Museum, arriving at Thirlmere in 1975. The engine has since been repainted in satin black overall livery.

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