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From the MRSR-magazine: By the early 1920s the Polson Brothers Logging Co. of Hoquiam had built a large logging railroad system. As the rail system grew in size the geared engines used so far became too slow for the long run to the dump. In 1922 Polson ordered a new locomotive equal to the one Baldwin had build ten years earlier for the Saginaw Timber Co. This 70-ton Logging Mikado became Polson #70. The engine worked well and for 20 years she was one of Polsons primary locomotives. In 1945 Polson Brothers sold their logging operation to Rayonier Inc. #70 was now used on work trains and a variety of other tasks. She was sold in 1963 to railfan Maynard Lang. She worked on a museum line at Snoqualmie. After the death of mr. Lang she was purchased by Mr. Tom Murray, who then donated it to the Mt. Rainer Scenic Railroad. In 2001 the decision to rebuild #70 was made and took almost ten years to complete.

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