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Thumbnail Name / number Year build Manufacturer Organization
5761942ALCOCity of Nashville
7221904BaldwinGreat Smoky Mountains Railroad
21916BaldwinBorax Museum
4761923ALCODurango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
4801925BaldwinDurango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
4861925BaldwinDurango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
4871925BaldwinCumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
4891925BaldwinCumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
4991930BaldwinCumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
4921928BaldwinCumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
4821925BaldwinDurango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
161909LimaWest Side Narrow Gauge Preservation
151916BaldwinSteamtown National Historic Site
60391925BaldwinSteamtown National Historic Site
21241947Steamtown National Historic Site
49601923BaldwinGrand Canyon Railway
181920ALCOArcade & Attica Railroad
27361944ALCONational Railroad Museum
13851907ALCOMid-Continent Railway Museum
31927ALCOSteamtown National Historic Site
101924ALCOCity of Huntington
40031919ALCOCity of Fort Smith
171929ALCOMt. Rainier Scenic Railroad
10031913ALCOSteam Locomotive Heritage Association
27191923ALCOLocomotive and Tower Preservation Fund
5511928LimaSt. Louis Museum of Transportation
2705 - Big Mike1943ALCOBaltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
4251928BaldwinReading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad
17021942BaldwinGreat Smoky Mountains Railroad
6071945LimaU.S. Army Transportation Museum
42941944BaldwinCalifornia State Railroad Museum Foundation
11291902BaldwinCity of Las Vegas
4911928BaldwinColorado Railroad Museum
6831890BaldwinColorado Railroad Museum
11890BaldwinColorado Railroad Museum
111928LimaMt. Rainier Scenic Railroad
701922BaldwinMt. Rainier Scenic Railroad
261929BaldwinSteamtown National Historic Site
32541917Canadian Locomotive CompanySteamtown National Historic Site
23171923Montreal Locomotive WorksSteamtown National Historic Site
21912BaldwinMid-Continent Railway Museum
11913Montreal Locomotive WorksMid-Continent Railway Museum
91884BaldwinMid-Continent Railway Museum
291907ALCOMid-Continent Railway Museum
491929ALCOMid-Continent Railway Museum
26451900Mid-Continent Railway Museum
221910ALCOMid-Continent Railway Museum
411928BaldwinMid-Continent Railway Museum
91909LimaMid-Continent Railway Museum
7011914ALCOMid-Continent Railway Museum
21906LimaMid-Continent Railway Museum
61923Vulcan Iron WorksMid-Continent Railway Museum
21937H.K. PorterSteamtown National Historic Site
3713 - The Constitution1934LimaSteamtown National Historic Site
11914BaldwinSteamtown National Historic Site
471914Montreal Locomotive WorksSteamtown National Historic Site
71911Vulcan Iron WorksSteamtown National Historic Site
7901903ALCOSteamtown National Historic Site
5651908ALCOSteamtown National Historic Site
19231920ALCOSteamtown National Historic Site
5191913ALCOSteamtown National Historic Site
11910LimaSteamtown National Historic Site
431919Vulcan Iron WorksSteamtown National Historic Site
2101923ALCOSteamtown National Historic Site
441905ALCOSteamtown National Historic Site
7591944LimaSteamtown National Historic Site
68161923H.K. PorterSteamtown National Historic Site
40121941ALCOSteamtown National Historic Site
13 - Empire1873BaldwinCalifornia State Railroad Museum Foundation
1 - Gov. Stanford1862Norris Locomotive WorksCalifornia State Railroad Museum Foundation
24671921BaldwinCalifornia State Railroad Museum Foundation
44491941LimaCity of Portland
12 - Sonoma1876BaldwinCalifornia State Railroad Museum Foundation
4496 - Dwight D Eisenhower1937Doncaster WorksNational Railroad Museum
101942H.K. PorterCalifornia State Railroad Museum Foundation
651930H.K. PorterWanamaker, Kempton and Southern Railroad
2231907BaldwinGeorgia State Railroad Museum
40141941ALCOUnion Pacific Railroad
24721921BaldwinGolden Gate Railroad Museum
4731923ALCODurango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
4841925BaldwinCumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
4881925BaldwinCumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
4931928BaldwinDurango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
2 - Atlantic1836Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
57 - Memnon1848Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
3771902BaldwinBaltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
25 - William Mason1856Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
Tom Thumb1927Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum
7001938BaldwinCity of Portland
2011880Illinois Railway Museum
16301918BaldwinIllinois Railway Museum
1521905Kentucky Railway Museum
31875BaldwinNational Museum of American History
14011926National Museum of American History
401910BaldwinNevada Northern Railway Museum
19 - Pancho1915BaldwinYreka Western Railroad
39851943Union Pacific Railroad
4811925BaldwinDurango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
4831925BaldwinCumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
40061941ALCOSt. Louis Museum of Transportation
50111944BaldwinSt. Louis Museum of Transportation
50171944BaldwinNational Railroad Museum
101928LimaYosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad
General II0Southeastern Railway Museum
40180Museum of the American Railroad
37511927BaldwinSan Bernardino Railroad Historical Society
8441944ALCOUnion Pacific Railroad
7651944LimaFort Wayne Railroad Historical Society
4781923ALCODurango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
5440ALCONorth Carolina Transportation Museum
1 - Falk1884Fort Humboldt State Historic Park
10981134Canadian Locomotive CompanyReading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad
29291936Canadian Locomotive CompanySteamtown National Historic Site
33771919Canadian Locomotive CompanySteamtown National Historic Site
52881919Montreal Locomotive WorksTennessee Valley Railroad Museum
961910Canadian Locomotive CompanyAge of Steam Roundhouse
15511912Montreal Locomotive WorksAge of Steam Roundhouse
74701921Conway Scenic Railroad
61911BaldwinTexas Transportation Museum
11925BaldwinTexas Transportation Museum
40391942ALCOWhippany Railway Museum
3851907BaldwinWhippany Railway Museum


the United States of America

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